Research & Inspiration

Genesis 1,618…

The color was yellow #ffbc00, the style minimal. BLINK. Computations within my brain, milliseconds but like an eternity. That’s HOW I knew One Line Design’s office was going to be my new work home.

MacedoniaMadeira, a double M.

You see everything is birth from the dawn – complexity arises from simplicity. It all unfolds from a start, the beginning. The little things. Because when you start from scratch, you scratch from the basics. But no matter what you master or think you do, you always return to its origin, the foundations of the simplest minimal details, its roots, and the first steps from where the journey begins to expand.

Or as Filipe would remind “How is possible to do so much, and make so little?”, then seems like not everything small, is really “small” in the first place.

I’m very eager and grateful to start this voyage in The One Line Design to unify design & copy.

Simon Stojanovski

Centro Empresarial da Madeira
Estrada do Aeroporto nº 140
Piso 0, Loja 3 Cancela
9060-382 Funchal
Madeira, Portugal

J4XR+65 Funchal