Project description

The identity created for the company Luz Criativa born by graphic translation of the words energy, tool, lamp, skill, etc. These references were based on a set of ideas, analogies and associative metaphors in the scope of the disclosure. Making them legible and imaginable to the general public.

Through this logo we were looking to present a unique and simple image. But also to claim a competitive, innovative and differentiating image in the leadership of its segment.

Luz Criativa is a young company in services as a electrical installations, installations of telecommunications systems, construction of networks for transport and distribution of electricity and installation of electric heating systems. For their dimension and philosophy proposes serving as partner in small and large projects a bet on efficiency, speed and quality.

Project Details

  • Client
    Luz Criativa
  • Project

    CommunicationDesign (graphic e interative)

  • Web
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