Project Description

Symbolize to make it effective! Communicate the quality through the image attributes.

The logo stands up because her simple shape, with a skilled touch and with a strong statement. A statement of rights. Created for succeed, born from the new modern, even it is for his evolution or just go out of style. The logo is not a fashion trend. Needs to be direct to the target audience and be able to communicate with all groups of ages and cultural. The logo itself needs to transmit the message with defined objectives. Must be memorable. Needs to be easy to recognize and describe de basic of elements. Will be used through a variety of means, on different platforms, shapes and sizes. Be proportional and balanced, making sure that works on the set.

Since the beginning in the logo creation it was important the definition and the usability of the image application. Thus, preparing all the tasks for all different process stages. The first stage of the process was the “brief”, summing the strategic orientations to support the proposal evolution.

In the first sketches we can see some map construction made by words associated with the word “Insula”.  Through the experimentation of writing the word, sketching the letters  and making shapes of it, new ideas come up, helping to find a final identity solution.

Detalhes do Projecto

  • Project
    I Colóquio Internacional Insula (Internacional First Colloquy “Insula”)
  • Promotion
    CIERL (Centro de Investigação em Estudos Regionais e Locais)

  • Web


Thinking about “identity” is thinking in one “image” who will be different from the others existing “images”. The created image is by definition a Logo, composed by another images and letters who identifies, represents and symbolizes. Maintaining its exclusive representation, creating something unique and Unrepeatable. Valuable potential in its base the shape born from the joint and words association.

Name Study Analysis Solutions

Throughout life your potential will be accomplished and its interpretation fortifies allied to its construction the thought. So its very relevant the combination of words games (definition) and shapes games (representation).

Logotype Components

This logo in Symbology has an asymmetry by difference or by understanding of similarity. The “Island” shape projection on plane by a line relies on as a base, fixing in space the element, making it resistant to support guidelines.

The prismatic shapes are proportional, following a basic principle of composition. Its edges converge to middle, thirds, fourths, fifths, …. Of the rectangle where the total shape is contained.

e shapes’ distribution in a principal shape, bigger (mother) with a small one (sun) presented with a removal and separation, isolation, continuity.

Island shape three-dimensional is defined by faced plans, with preponderant relation of the blue shade.

Logotype Components

Syllabic separation of the word INSULA.

Dark blue rectangle representation, open syllables in white, overlapping under an irregular geometric solid in shades of blue.

Syllabic deconstruction of the word INSULA: IN, SU, LA.

New reading possibilities: IN, SU, LA, ISLA, NUA.

The island absorbs colour, the sky and the sea. Peace of heaven, sea reflection. Simple naked.

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