Descrição do Projecto

Through this project we hope to present a strong competitive, innovative and subtle Signage in the decoration of space and surroundings. Highlight the Small details of shapes with a distinctive capitular typography opposite through surface color.

The typography information are distribute in many different spaces following the flow of people in space.

The prismatic shapes are proportional, following the harmonic principle of composition. Its edges are directed to the means, thirds, fourths, fifths, (…) of the rectangle in which the total shape is contained.

Shapes distribution is made by increasing mode towards the more distant interior space, applied in the architectural plans, accompanying the project in the space thus giving the idea of ​​continuity.

Application made on colored vinyl sticker in shades of green.

Project Details

  • Client
    Regional Directorate of Tourism
  • Architecture and Coordination
    Arq. Luís Spranger (AO 10756),  Arq. Márcio Abreu (OA 19528) e Der. Filipe Gomes (APD 526)
  • Project
    Environments Design and Communication
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