Workspace Invaders Project

We assume the creation of work environments for the computer. This project was born by the need to check the date while we were developing other works, scheduling and calculating the deadlines, noting the gaps and interruptions over a determining time. We knew that the desktop was the most “visited” on our computers and hence exclusively think about that space. We did not want to apply only the days of the week, it would not be good. It served the purpose but did not create an inviting and pleasant “image”. We think of using the images as a calendar background, in order to break the tabular monotony.
Always having images in archive, of the sessions held throughout the year, it was our option to select an image made in the previous year that was captured in the specific month.

We saw that this could also be an opportunity to make available to others who shared the same problem. We needed to name our project. We demand the achievement of more screens, WORKSPACE INVADERS.
Now, every year on January 1, we took the opportunity to select and present the 12 images of the calendar. At the beginning of each month we present in the social networks the image of the month with the possibility to download.
We keep being faithful to the project and we use to make known through our objective, a little of our brand.

Welcome on this trip.








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