Our “cloud” of storage and synchronization.

A nossa nuvem oneline/ownCoud

We have a “cloud” with the ability to store and share files over the internet.

Storage is a free service of the one line design to its customers, who through the data provided, can access files (documents, images and videos) created and shared with the server oneline / ownCloud.

This system allows to access the files on a single system from any computer, regardless of the platform.


Ter acesso rápido e automático

You can install the “owncloud” application to access and synchronize documents from a folder on your computer.

Synchronize your “owncloud” on your computer. Select one or more directories to have quick and automatic access to your most recent files.

Instalador Windows

A free application for your computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating system.

Instalador OSX

A free application for your computer with Mac OSX 10.7 +, or 64 bit operating system.

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